Teen killed in Robinson Place shooting

A local youth was killed Tuesday night in Monroe, a victim of gun violence. Dozens of friends on social media described Junius Tyler Benton as a memorable friend whose life was taken too soon. According to numerous posts, he did not make it to see his sophomore year in high school, a football player at Wossman High School. The teen was gunned down in Robinson Place on Monroe’s Southside tonight.

According to a law enforcement authorities’ statement, the shooting occurred around 6:41 p.m. in the 1100 block of Milliken Street in the Robinson Place community.

The victim was allegedly taken to the hospital in a private vehicle and pronounced dead.

This death makes a second teen in two months that didn’t make it to the 10th grade, due to gun violence. On April 29, the body of O’Terrius Sellers, a Freshman football player at Carroll High School, was found in a lot near College Drive. There have been suspects, but the investigation into Sellers’s murder remains  under investigation.

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  1. Mannn thats crazy REST EASY JUNIUS I love u bro bro everytime yall came to our house u a say “Areonah come here come here let me use yo ipad

  2. I’m so sorry for what happened to u Jun i sawu the day before u died son that’s sad I love u bro

  3. I wish all da violence stop cuz we cant even enjoy life n raise our babies 2 b wat deyy wanna b cuz of da violence is over rated everywhere i pray 4 betta days n ppl 2 cum 2gether n not against 1 another cuz at da end of da day we all r family n we need 2 act like cuz God made us all n he is all of our father so we need 2 accept life as a family n live da rest of our lives in peace n not drama i pray in da name of jesus sum change soon real soon….

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