Strange gets DMV promotion

  Clesi J. Strange Is celebrating her recent promotion to the position of Regional Manager of all of the Department of Motor Vehicle offices in Northeast Louisiana.

    Since 2009 Strange has served as a supervisor, office manager, and a regional manager.

    With 20 years of public service under her belt, the promotion comes as icing on the cake.

6 thoughts on “Strange gets DMV promotion”

  1. Congratulations Clesi!
    Your future looked bright in Kindergarten at Sallie Humble! So proud of all you have accomplished! Mary (Moncrief) Marx

    1. Hey Mary how are you? Have been trying to reach u.I been thinking of you off and on.

  2. “Congratulations Clesi”, I’m so very proud of your accomplishments, well deserved for such a beautiful and talented young lady.

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