Criminal Activity August 1-6, 2017

Woman with various drugs and paraphernalia is caught

Catherine Weiland

On August 1, 2017, according to Ouachita Parish Sheriff, a deputy observed a tan 2003 Chevrolet Tahoe commit a traffic violation. The deputy conducted a traffic stop and made contact with the driver/arrestee. While speaking to the arrestee she appeared nervous. The deputy asked for and gained verbal consent to search the vehicle. During the consensual search, the deputy located six suspected Alprazolam pills, one partial suspected Xanax pill, one suspected Hydrocodone pill, and one suspected Oxycodone pill inside a pink lipstick container in the arrestee’s purse. The deputy also observed a pipe with marijuana residue and a white container with marijuana inside located in the purse. The arrestee was then secured in handcuffs and advised of her rights per Miranda, too which she stated she understood. In a post Miranda interview, the arrestee denied ownership of the pills, but advised the marijuana and the marijuana pipe belonged to her. The arrestee was then transported to OCC. Once at OCC, a gum wrapper was located in the arrestee’s bra. The gum wrapper was crumpled up and contained suspected meth. The arrestee was then booked into OCC on the charges.

Man tells police blood on his shirt could be his or someone else’s

Julius Brown

On August 3, 2017, according to Monroe Police, a officer was dispatched to a Valero convenience store in reference to battery. The witness to incident in the area indicated the object used during the battery was a gin bottle and also indicated by name that Brown was involved in the battery. Upon making contact with Brown at his residence, the officer observed fresh wet blood on his t-shirt. The officer advised Brown of his Miranda rights which he verbally acknowledged. Brown initially stated he cut his hand while at work then stated he cut his hand when he tripped crossing some rail road tracks after work. Brown stated he left work, on foot and walked towards home. Brown also stated he was drinking from a bottle of gin and was also in the area of the Valero just before the call time. When asked about the blood on his shirt Brown stated “I do not know, it could be mine or it could be someone else’s that’s all I know.” Brown was handcuffed and transported to OCC for booking.

Man “unable to understand English” is arrested for DWI

Ery Chubrevich

OnAugust 3, 2017, according to Louisiana State Police, a officer was dispatched for BOLO for a black car reported to be driving very recklessly on I-20 EB at 99mph. While in route the officer was notified that a deputy with the Lincoln Parish Sheriff’s Office had made a stop on a black car on I-20 EB at 105 mph. The officer arrived to assist. I identified the driver to be the arrestee. The arrestee had vey red bloodshot and watery eyes. The arrestee had the extreme odor of an alcoholic beverage about his breath which intensified as he spoke. The arrestee had very poor balance, almost falling multiple times. The arrestee spoke very little English. Due to his inability to understand English and his very poor balance he was unable to submit to SFST. The officer placed him under arrest, handcuffed (DL/CFT), and read him his rights per Miranda. A search of the arrestee’s vehicle revealed an open 750 ml container of whiskey. The officer transported the arrestee to OCC. OCC provided a translator who read the Arrestee’s Rights Form Right’s Relating to the Chemical Test for Intoxication. The arrestee said that he understood his rights and signed the rights form. The arrestee provided a voluntary breath sample. The Intoxilyzer 900 results were 0.366g% BAC. The arrestee was treated and released by Conway.

Man tells police to “come get you some” as he is apprehended

Jermaine Duckworth

On August 4, 2017, according to Ouachita Parish Sheriff, a deputy observed a vehicle fail to use its turn signal when turning left onto Bryant St. from Thomas Ave. The deputy activated the emergency lights and siren in attempt to conduct a traffic stop on the vehicle. The deputy observed the vehicle accelerate at a high rate refusing to stop. The deputy observed the vehicle turn westbound onto Morton St. crossing several streets before making a left turn, southbound onto Wilson St. After a short vehicle pursuit, the vehicle came to a stop at a residence on Thomas Ave., which points the deputy made contact with the driver, the arrestee. The arrestee was given several verbal commands to exit the vehicle, to which he refused to do. Due to the arrestee failing to comply with the deputy’s verbal commands; the arrestee was physically removed from the vehicle. The arrestee was advised to place his hands behind his back, to which he refused to comply and stated “Come get you some”. After a brief struggle ensued the arrestee was secured into handcuffs. Benefit of Miranda, the arrestee stated he failed to stop because he did not have a driver’s license and did not want the vehicle towed.

A woman misleads officers with conflicting statements

Felexus L. Glover

On August 3, 2017, according to Louisiana State Police, a officer arrived at a residence and observed the front door open. The officer was looking for a subject that just committed an aggravated flight and evidence in the vehicle led the officer to the residence. The officer observed a black female, later identified as Felexus L. Glover, see the officer pull up and close the door. The officer approached the door and she opened it and the officer asked if the person he was looking for was there. She said he was and walked to the rear then came back and said he fled out the back door. Glover gave conflicting statements and conflicting identity of the subject the officer was looking for. Glover had a brown cigar with green vegetable matter (marijuana) in it she handed the officer and other troopers and there was clear plastic bags containing white powdery rock like substance (crack-cocaine), green powder and tablets with design imprint (3,4 methylenedioxymethamphetamine MDMA), one rectangle yellow tablet (Alprazolam) and the house was filled with scales and little plastic baggies. Glover was arrested and transported to OCC. She refused to identify herself but her LA driver’s license was in her pocket.

Man found with PCP tries to flee from deputies

Edward E. Goodin

On August 6, 2017, according to Ouachita Parish Sheriff, a deputy observed a white Nissan Maxima traveling on Winnsboro Road and fail to use a turn signal as it made a right turn into Super Discount Liquor. The deputy initiated a traffic stop and made contact with the driver/ arrestee. Upon making contact with the arrestee at the driver window, a strong odor commonly associated with PCP was emitting from inside the vehicle. The deputy advised the arrestee to exit the vehicle, which he complied. During the course of the traffic stop, the deputy attempted to conduct an officer safety pat down of the arrestee at which the arrestee pulled away from the deputies and attempted to flee on foot. After a brief struggle, the arrestee was apprehended and placed under arrest. The deputy located a glass vial containing approx. 2 ounces of suspected PCP in the arrestee’s front left pant pocket. The deputy also located a pack of Moore cigarettes and US currency in denominations consistent with street level sales of narcotics. The arrestee was advised of his rights per Miranda, which he stated he understood. The arrestee stated the suspected PCP belonged to him. The arrestee was transported to OCC and booked on the charges

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