Town of Richwood Minutes, July 17, 2017

Special Meeting Minutes Thursday, July 17, 2017 10:00 A.M.

Members in Attendance: Alderperson Donald Richard Alderperson Janice Fleming Alderperson Leola Keys Alderperson Wysinger Cleveland

The Town of Richwood met for a Special Meeting held on July 17, 2017 at 10:18 A.M. at the Richwood Multi-Purpose Center, 2710 Martin Luther King Drive, Richwood, Louisiana to consider the following business:

I. Meeting Called to Order by Mayor Gerald Brown at 10:18 A.M.
II. Prayer- was offered by Mayor Gerald Brown
III. Pledge of Allegiance – recited in unison
IV. Roll Call- Mayor Gerald Brown called roll with the following results: The record shall reflect that three (3) Alderpersons are Present

Absent at time of roll call: Alderperson Simeon Profit Alderperson Janice Fleming
Present at time of roll call:
Alderperson Donald Richard Alderperson Leola Keys Alderperson Wysinger Cleveland
* Mayor Gerald Brown- advised he had spoken with Alderperson Fleming and she was on her way, and he could not reach Alderperson Profit.

* Arrival of Alderperson Janice Fleming @ 10:25 a.m.
Alderperson Wysinger Cleveland- asked Ms. Woods if she had the minutes?
Mayor Gerald Brown- advised those minutes would be provided for the Regular Meeting on the 20th.

V. Adoption of the Agenda:

* It was motioned by Alderperson Donald Richard and seconded by Alderperson Wysinger Cleveland to adopt the agenda.

VI. Public comments as they Relate to Items on the Agenda:

Public Attendee (Mr. A.J Jones)- commented the things they need to get done in Richwood is not getting done; he has been here several times and to get some stuff done and it is not happening. We have a problem with litter, we have a problem with dilapidated homes, we have a problem with trash service, people on SSI, and these real estate people are buying these houses and put whoever they want in these houses, garbage everywhere. We need to enforce the laws we have, and what the Mayor talked about addressing the pickup of the garbage, that would be like winning the lottery. Anyone saying they don’t want trash pickup that’s their problem, and when you guys pass it let me go out and enforce it.

Alderperson Wysinger Cleveland- so you are speaking on behalf of code enforcement, which we had introduced in our first special meeting of the budget, and we are going to take a vote on that, we already introduced that and the other special meeting for the budget.

Public Attendee (Mr. A.J. Jones)- stated, the guy he talked to just a few minutes ago, y’all had him doing some stuff, now he can’t handle that and go to my house?

Mayor Gerald Brown- advised, this particular meeting is not the venue for this issue; this is a Special Meeting designed strictly for the budget; all of your concerns, I want to address them, but this is not actually the meeting to address these issues right now. I can talk to you about some of the things we want to do at our Regular Meeting later this week, and hopefully we can put all these things I talked to you about, and the things I’m discussing with Waste Management, as well as some information on our Codes given to the Board, and discuss these at the Regular Meeting for the 20th, and those two will go hand in hand with the problems your having.

Alderperson Wysinger Cleveland- stated, that is what our Code Enforcer supposed to be doing, as a Board we put that in place in our Special Meeting, we introduced it, we passed it, we just need to put it in our budget, that’s what we are here for to adopt this budget.

VII. Adoption of Ordinance 2017-09 (An Ordinance Adopting the Town’s Expenditures for the Fiscal year 2017-2018)

Mayor Gerald Brown- read the Ordinance information for Ordinance 2017-09

Alderperson Wysinger Cleveland- inquired if payroll liability was for our taxes to come out?

Mayor Gerald Brown- answered, yes, we have to pay the IRS.

Alderperson Wysinger Cleveland- inquired if the Fiscal Officer, Ms. Jolla was here?

Mayor Gerald Brown- advised, she was ill today and not here.

Alderperson Wysinger Cleveland- stated, one more thing Mayor, Professional Accounting Service breakdown, and the Transportation Fund, and I didn’t see Mr. Nolen’s Salary there, I just saw the Judge, that is what I wanted to talk to Ms. Jolla about, that’s what I needed.

Mayor Gerald Brown – provided the Board the requested information and provided information on the legal fees; the Mayor advised $10,000 that is a proposal not necessarily Mr. Nolen, they do have some other things we are looking into with some other attorneys.

Alderperson Wysinger Cleveland- stated, “On the Record” it’s no more Transportation Fund Money, right, I just want to get that clear.”

Mayor Gerald Brown- stated, not as of 2018, they are going to try and get it back for 2019, but not for 2018, not coming directly to Richwood; not like when Sterlington used to get a piece and Richwood used to get a piece, that is not going to happen this fiscal year.

Alderperson Wysinger Cleveland- stated, we got it in 16 and 17 that’s what I wanted to put on record, that’s all I need to know.

Mayor Gerald Brown- indicated yes.

Alderperson Leola Keys- inquired, where did it show up we did?

Mayor Gerald Brown- we received a monthly payment, it used to be on the financial reports, it hasn’t been on there in a while, because I think the last time we received it was around September of last year, but it used to be on the financial reports of us receiving those funds, every month.

Alderperson Leola Keys- inquired why was it removed?

Mayor Gerald Brown- advised, he was told they were not accepting any amendments to the State budget this year, what happens is Senator Thompson goes down when the budget is being passed, they call it HB1.

Alderperson Leola Keys- stated, I’m just going to play dumb, it was received, right in 16 and 17?
Mayor Gerald Brown- replied part of 2017.

Alderperson Leola Keys- asked, “was it used?”

Mayor Gerald Brown- advised, in 17 nothing was used, if you remember, if you recall, Ms. Jolla gives us a report every month, and we have a balance of $200,000, and that’s just been holding right now; part of the things we have to do, if you recall, is get the engineer, and we’ve got him hired, and he is looking at several projects we can do, that $200,000 is not going to go a long way, but he is looking at somethings we can do to use those funds, in conjunction with the grant you guys allowed us to apply for.

Mayor Gerald Brown- asked, if there were any other questions surrounding the budget?

Alderperson Wysinger Cleveland- inquired, if we have to adopt this today, can we get Mr. Profit here?

Mayor Gerald Brown- indicated, we have quorum and the sooner we adopt it the better.

Mayor Gerald Brown- asked for a motion to adopt.

* It was motioned by Alderperson Donald Richard and seconded by Alderperson Janice Fleming to adopt Ordinance 2017-09, (An Ordinance Adopting the Town’s Expenditures for the Fiscal year 2017-2018)

Mayor Brown- stated a motion has been received to take a vote to adopt Ordinance 2017-09 (An Ordinance Adopting the Town’s Expenditures for the Fiscal year 2017-2018) and polled the Board for their vote as follows:

* A Vote was taken with the following results: 2 Yes and 2 No votes

Alderperson Donald Richard Yes Alderperson Janice Fleming Yes

Alderperson Leola Keys No Alderperson Wysinger Cleveland No

*Per Mayor Gerald Brown, *** The Record shall reflect that we have (2) two Yes, and (2) No Votes.

Mayor Gerald Brown- stated, now I am not certain, I’m going to go back and look at this, I don’t know if this a situation where I can break the tie, I’m going to have to research it, I believe I can.

Alderperson Leola Keys- stated, you can, go ahead and try it you can break it.

Mayor Gerald Brown- stated, he was going to vote Yes, now if I can’t do it we will report that back to the Board.

VIII. Adjournment:

Mayor Gerald Brown- requested a motion for adjournment.

* It was then motioned by Alderperson Donald Richard and seconded by Alderperson Janice Fleming to adjourn the meeting @ 10:33 a.m.


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