Husband has wife jailed over cell phone; she knocked it out his hand

   The Ross family has a few problems like most families, but a new problem has been added to the record, Mrs. Ross was arrested, for slapping a phone out her husband’s hand.

   In the coming months, the couple will pay bail bondsmen, court fees, and possibly fines, because of a domestic argument that ended with the husband calling the police on his wife because she slapped his phone out of his hand.

   According to police Evelyn A. Ross, of 2828 Gay Drive, was arrested when her husband called police to file a domestic abuse charge against her. He said he and his wife had an argument and he video the argument on the phone. Police reviewed the video on the phone and saw the wife knock the phone out of his hand during the argument.

   She touched him, so on went the cuffs and off she went to jail.

   She is charged with domestic battery. 

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