NAACP launches plan to register 1000 voters every 90 days!

   The Ouachita Parish NAACP has launched an ambitious plan to increase African-American voter registration by 4,000 votes a year, enough to impact the 2018 congressional elections, said drive chairman Wilson W. Wilson.
   Wilson says the local NAACP is launching its registration drive next month and hopes to register 1000 new voters each quarter.

  Wilson, a retired military officer and former Dean of Students at Carroll High School, says starting November 1, the local branch hopes to register 1,000 new voters every ninety days.

   Wilson said his plan is to get fifty churches to registered 20 new voters every ninety days. He says by the November 2018 election there will be between 4000 and 5000 new voters.

   “We are asking about 100 churches to join in this effort with expectations that we will receive a positive response from at least half,” said Wilson.
   The local branch has prepared registration materials for churches that want to join in the effort.

   Wilson, is a member of the Truevine Baptist Church. He is being assisted by Betty Ward Cooper, who is a member of the White’s Ferry Road Church of Christ in West Monroe. Persons interested in learning more about the effort should contact Wilson at 348-6315 or Cooper at 547-0606.
   He said the first phase of the NAACP’s project is to increase voter registration, but after registering, the branch will begin phase two which is voter education.
   Rev. Ambrose Douzart is the president of the local NAACP.