Richwood goes to the dome! It’s Ram Fever

  Community excited for Cinderella Team that has excited renewed hope for those who have been counted out in life. 

   For 27 seniors its the culmination of years of working together since Jr. High.

  The Richwood Rams are on their way to the Mercedes-Benz Superdome to compete for the state champion and the entire Monroe Community is rallying behind the super team that will be the only North Louisiana Team competing for a championshipship Friday in New Orleans.

  The Rams will compete for the Class 3A football championship at the dome as the Rams bring its tightly knit team to play under the dome.

  The magic the Rams will bring to the dome has been made by a full roster of the state’s most outstanding players, and for 27 seniors who have been playing together since they were in Jr. High School.

  The excitement is reaching fever pitch in the local community. Benefactors are making large donations to charter every available bus to insure Richwood students, parents and fans have a way to the game. Businessmen such as Creed and Creed and Robert Clark leading a long list of groups providing donations to the school to charter buses for the band, students, parents, and others in the local community.

  The 41 members of the Richwood Band are being sent on a charter bus, rather than school buses. Tee Shirts, buttons, banners, and just about everything possible that’s red and white is being used to help boost team spirit.

  It’s extraordinary display of community support and spirit that has not been equaled in recent years. 

   For Richwood, it’s the first time they have played for the state championship since 1974. During the 60’s and 70’s Richwood Teams under Mackie Freeze and others were a regular presence in state competition. In the interim the school suffered from a disheartening shutdown and re-energizing rebirth.

   Usually Ouachita Parish celebrates other teams going to the dome, but when perennial powerhouse West Monroe didn’t make the cut all eyes focused on Richwood, a virtual Cinderella Story, who defied all odds and beat the best of the best in their division, including Sterlington and Kaplan. 

    A banner hangs outside the Mackie Freeze Stadium that reads “Believe the Hype” which says it all. 

   The 2017 Rams team is hyped up to be a great group of champions who have proven themselves great competitors. Those who believe that all of the talk about Richwood is just “hype” or idle talk, the fact the team is going to the dome means everyone can “Believe the Hype.”

    Whether the team wins or loses it sends a powerful message to haters, doubters and skeptics. It has proven that a focused team, under great leadership, that is focused on victory can overcome all odds.

    Richwood’s trip to the dome is a Cinderella story. 

    That’s why even cross town rivals are rooting for them, which is not always the case. Everyone can see that when the Rams take the field Friday that those who doubted them and wrote them off will have to admit that they have risen to the occasion.

    Those who have ever been counted out or doubted are rooting for Richwood to play their best game Friday.

    Win or lose, just making to the dome and playing their best game, means that they are champions!


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