Farrakhan warns Mayo and Black leaders, evil whites waiting to replace good blacks

 In the absence of television cameras and mainstream media, Louis Farrakhan gives black city leaders a lecture on Black integrity in office. Mayo gives Farrakhan a second key to the city, invites him to come and speak to all Monroe citizens.


“The enemy is clever” so black leaders should be of tricks of whites to divide blacks, was the admonition of Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan in Monroe last week.

    Farrakhan, one of the influential black men in America, was in the area attending the graduation ceremonies of his granddaughter at Grambling State University. He was not the speaker or on the program at the graduation but only came to support Jaleela Farrakhan, his granddaughter.

    Local mainstream media did not cover Farrakhan’s presence at GSU or come to his press conference at the Monroe Regional Airport. The absence of white-owned media gave Farrakhan an opportunity to lecture some of Monroe’s Black officials about Black integrity in government.

    He said historically black people have been taught to be servants, but not how to serve each other. Now that blacks are in power we “should not do to them what they did to us. You must show them a better way to serve.”

     The flamboyant leader of the Black Muslims still teaches the Black Nationalism of the late Elijah Muhammad who he succeeded as head of the national organization. Farrakhan, now 84 years old, was the organizer of the 1995 Million Man March in Washington D.C. in which he challenged Black men to atone for their sin of abandoning the leadership of their homes and communities.

    Farrakhan is usually shunned by whites because of the black separatist ideals of the Black Muslim religion which include: full and complete freedom for blacks, establishment of an all-black state or territory paid for by former slave masters for the next 20 to 25 years, release of all Black Muslims on death row, tax exemptions to any person denied justice under the law, opposition to racial integration or interracial marriage, separate schools for black with black teachers, and other controversial ideas.

    In Monroe, Farrakhan warned government leaders to remember that white people who he described as “evil” may be out of office but they are waiting for an opportunity to destroy black people who he described as “good.”

    “They may be out, but they are watching for

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