Jackson receives Outstanding Woman Lawyer in Politics award

Rep. Katrina R. Jackson receives 2018 National Bar Association Outstanding Woman Lawyer in Politics


Rep. Jackson was named Outstanding Woman Lawyer in Politics 2018 by the National Bar Association today at their Achievement Awards Breakfast in New Orleans, Louisiana on July 31, 2018. Bringing this light to the State of Louisiana and the City of Monroe is a proud moment and great achievement.

Jackson joins a host of professional female barristers who have been named in recent years and ranked as outstanding in their fields. This year’s theme was Unleashing the Power and Purpose of Women Lawyers: The Time is Now, well describes the approach Attorney Jackson takes when representing those who entrust her with their legal affairs and legislative representation. As

Jackson is also a state Representation for the Louisiana House of Representatives, she has the experience and savvy in using the power of faith, intellect, and tenacity it takes to present this profession with power and purpose. The Louisiana home grown attorney has worked diligently and has garnered experience from all levels of the legal profession, both in her private practice and through partnerships over the years.

Jackson said that, “it is a great honor to be recognized by her peers nationally. It is a great honor and she is thankful to her constituents who allow her to represent them and gives her support daily!!!” She also gives great appreciation to those attorneys in the Northeast Louisiana area who collaborate with her during session and the Southern University Law Center, Chancellor Pierre and its staff that are always supportive of her as a graduate of their prestigious Law School!!!