It’s time for costumes & candy!

By: Cadence Wright

Halloween is almost here and people are getting ready. In my family, we are not allowed to wear any evil costumes. Every since the clowns were kidnapping kids a few years ago we aren’t allowed to wear clown outfits or go near any clowns either. One thing my dad has always done is allowed my brother and I to wear Super Hero costumes. They won’t let me wear costumes now because they say I’m too old. So, I just wear a cool shirt and grab a bag to get all the candy I can get. For kids, Halloween really isn’t about the evil stuff they promote. We just like wearing costumes and getting free candy!

Wearing a costume is conducive for getting more candy. The better your costume is seems like the more candy they give you.

I’ve had a lot of costumes. One of my favorite costumes was Superman. I had the custom cape in the original colors. I think this one was my favorite one because it was also my first Halloween costume. I was about three years old when I wore it and I was a big fan of Superman. My mom said I used to jump off the couches pretending to fly. I liked Superman so much because he saved lives and always showed up right on time to help people.

One year I was Spiderman. This costume was serious. I had the full costume including the mask, the gloves, the shoes, the web… you name it, I had it. My brother and I would dress up as Spiderman and run around the house. We tried sticking to the wall but we would always fall to the floor. I even created myself a nickname. I called myself “Black Spiderman”. Those were the good ole’ days!

I have never worn this outfit but I like the game. If you’ve never played Fortnite then you don’t know how addictive it is. If I could wear a costume this year I’d wear the Fortnite skin called “The Drift”. I like the skin because I saw the Fortnite pickaxe in the store and the outfit comes with the final stage mask.
My favorite Super Hero is Flash. Even though they keep yelling that I’m too old for a costume I think I will just get a Flash T-shirt, some red jeans, and my red Lebron shoes. Maybe I can squeeze one more kid year in before I turn 13 next Summer!

Word of the Week:
Conducive: useful or helpful to reach the expected outcome