Why Lord? Why Lord?? Why Lord??? Why Lord????

By: Dr. Jacquelyn Simmons

(God’s message delivered with embellishments during his healing service) Part 2

Scripture: 2 Corinthians 1:1-7

5) Has God ever given you an assignment as he did Moses and you reacted in the same way as he? God told Moses to return to Egypt from where he was a fugitive from justice after having committed murder, and tell Pharaoh to let his people go. Moses had all kinds of excuses and questions and so did I after God commissioned me to preach his gospel to his people. I said many, many times, “Lord, why me? I am not a good public speaker, in fact, I do not like to try and do so. I become very nervous when asked to speak and have a very, very limited knowledge of the Bible. Lord, I am a woman. All preachers are male and have been preaching longer than I, and know the Bible better than I.”

My friends, I also asked him why he waited until I became forty years old to be classified as a preacher? All other preachers started in his ministry much earlier than I. All other preachers have been preaching a long time before reaching the age of forty years which increased their biblical knowledge over the years. I cannot preach your word, I do not know it and I’m too old to catch up with other preachers. It will be embarrassing to me. My pastor, Reverend Nash, insisted that I preach. He also insisted that I announce to the church congregation that I had been called to preach. Afterwards, he announced the date on which I would preach. And the rest is history…Lord, your servant, “Tena” (Nickname) is here tonight forty years later still trying to preach!

God commissioned me to enter his ministries by nightly and daily showing me, to me, standing in front of the church congregation and loudly naming the systems of the body. Reverend Nash interpreted that as a commission from God for me to preach. I strongly disagreed, but to no avail. Well, forty years later, God still has me naming the various systems of the body, publicly, and he chooses to heal the ones he chooses to heal. I am commissioned to call the systems loudly. In the past, it upset me when all the people who heard “the systems called” didn’t get healed or at least felt better afterwards. But God comforted me by saying, “He chooses who he wants to be healed as a result of the calls and not me”. I have learned to try and accept his decisions. It has also been revealed to me recently, that people have to believe in him and he does the healing not the persons who are praying. They have to pray for themselves, also.

I learned those systems while attending the Biology class at Gramblimg College taught by a very thorough teacher, Mrs. Deloney. For our final exam, she told us to draw a body, place and name the systems within. When she returned our test papers, she had written on mine, “My body does not look like this and I hope yours does not either”. That’s the only one of two times I welcomed a grade of “C” (smile).

Prayfully hoping to see you next week.

Love, Jacquelyn Simmons

P.S. Now I know why God made me learn the systems of the body approximately sixty-seven years ago.