Free Press Election Ballot

Secretary of State:

Gwen Collins-Greenup

We are impressed with Ms. Greenups’ ideas of embracing technology to involve younger voters who live by cell phone. Combined with her commitment to seek 100 percent voter participation through education and technology, we think her ideas will make a difference.


Ralph Abraham


#2 Yes, all others “No”

We previously explained our recommendations on the amendments.

Court of Appeals:

Sharon Marchman

She has 18 years experience as a District Judge and spent much of that time in juvenile matters. She has shown a sensitivity to difficult and sensitive family-related issues and the wisdom expected of a judge. She is courageous enough to stand alone if necessary to correct wrongs; even if it angers the “Good old Boy’s Club.” We like that and recommend her to you.

District Judge:

Aisha Clark

Judge Clark has proven to have the temperament, and discipline necessary to be a wise judge. During her tenure as city judge, she has listened, prayed and made wise decisions. If elevated to the 4th District, we feel that she will continue to apply the same traits we have grown to respect in her decisions and rulings on the 4th District Court.

City School Board:

Don Hopkins
Anna Reed
Sharon Neal
Coach Jesse Smith
Rick Saulsberry

We believe ALL incumbents seeking re-election on the city school board have FAILED to do the one thing they were elected to do: “Represent.” In three public forums, all incumbents admitted that they never seek the opinions of their constituents, hold community meetings or seek input before making crucial votes. Two incumbents even said they knew more than their constituents explaining why they never seek parent or public input.

As a result, they voted to urge the federal courts to remove the anti-discrimination protection that has shielded us for 53 years. All of the incumbents voted to rebuild MLK in a flood zone, and all have repeatedly adopted policies that are presently directing hundreds of black students into a “career diploma” program that produces diplomas that do not meet federal standards for a high school diploma. Before making these decisions incumbents didn’t seek input and ignored over one-thousand letters and petitions to the contrary from the Wossman and Carroll Alumni, elected officials, individuals, and civic groups.

The five candidates we have endorsed, all have one thing in common, they all promise to “listen” to their constituents and actually spend time reading and discussing the policies they adopt, avoiding mess-ups such as the “Career Diploma” trend that is hurting an increasing number of black students every year.

You don’t need a Ph.D to listen and represent. We think these candidates will listen.
To re-elect the incumbents would give them the green light to continue ignoring their constituents and approving policies without reading them.

We think the five candidates we have endorsed will listen to their districts, read and debate policies and issues before making decisions. Please give them your consideration.

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