Bus driver, others, deliver meals to students during Coronavirus crisis

As the rains poured and families hunkered down in the wake of Coronavirus threat, hundreds of families are receiving daily lunches thanks to local school systems.

The Ouachita and Monroe City School systems are providing free meals to student families across the parish during the crisis. Schools are distributing meals, regardless of school district to students or their representatives across the parish.

However, some students without transportation are unable to get to any school site, so volunteers are seeing that students have meals delivered to their doors.

Lonnie Tucker, a school bus driver for the Monroe City Schools, picks up 40 lunches daily and personally delivers them to the riders on his bus route.

“I have a card on each rider and I hand deliver the meals to them each day,” explained Tucker.

He said he puts the meals in his personal vehicle and delivers them at his expense as a non-paid volunteer.

“The children have no way of getting here. I’m glad to help,” Tucker said.

Community Activist Marie Brown, also personally delivers meals to children in low-income neighborhoods.

Marie Brown delivers meals to city school students

Like Tucker, Brown delivers the meals in her personal vehicle to children she knows have no transportation. “Without the meals, they probably won’t have anything,” she said.

In floods and crisis Brown is one of hundreds of citizens who swing into action to help.

The students are appreciative as volunteers across the city pitch to help with meal deliveries.

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