Did comments before city council get Skipper fired?

James Skipper is concerned about improving conditions in South Monroe. On occasion, he addresses the Monroe City Council to point out areas that need improvement.

Recently, he spoke before the council and rattle off a long list of areas he described as being neglected by the city including trash and debris pickup, ditches not clean and more.

Skipper chided the mayor and city council for ignoring the Southside.

A short while later, Skipper was hired to work at the Airport under Ron Phillips the director. Skipper said after his first week Phillips praised him for being an outstanding worker who was quick and efficient.

Skipper said Phillips was so pleased with his work that he was given a uniform after just a week on the job and named the diagnostic specialist for the airport.

However, Skipper says, after two weeks, Tom Janway, director of Public Works happened to visit the airport for unrelated business and spotted Skipper working as a janitor at the airport.

Shortly after, Skipper says, he was notified that he had been fired, with no reason given.

“To this day no one has told me why I was fired,” he said.

Afterward, Skipper returned to the City Council and complained about his firing. Mayor Jamie Mayo denied any knowledge of his hiring or firing and hinted that Skipper might have been making up the whole story.

Skipper said he has hired an attorney to get to the bottom of his firing.