Eight year old boy raped, mother booked for child desertion

 A West Monroe woman has been charged with child desertion after a neighborhood man reportedly raped her son while she was running errands.

  West Monroe police arrested  Takisha Marie Bruno of 205 Linderman Street in West Monroe, on charges of child desertion and cruelty to a juvenile after West Monroe police learned that Bruno’s eight-year-old son and two-year-old daughter were left at home alone on Tuesday, March 30th while she reportedly ran errands and visited friends.

  According to the police report, police responded to a sex crime report at the address and interviewed the eight-year-old victim who described the rape in detail and identified the suspect.

  Bruno reportedly told police that she did not know when her child was sexually abused. She said she left the children at home three times throughout the day and night to run errands and visit friends.

  According to the report the male suspect lives in the Linderman Street area.