Man on bail for attempted murder, arrested for murder at Kingsway Apartments

   A man who was already waiting trial on an attempted second-degree murder charge was charged again this week, this time with murder in connection with a shooting incident Monday at Kingsway Apartments.

  According to the Monroe Police Department, Dcarvious Sellers was arrested Monday and charged with one count of second-degree murder and illegal carrying of a weapon in relation to a shooting incident that Annnais King died from gunshot wounds. Emergency personnel attempted to save King, but he died as a result of his injuries.

  Sellers was also awaiting attempted second-degree murder charges stemming from a shooting that happened in March of 2020 at Roy Neal Shelling, Sr.  Elementary.

 In that incident, Police say that a large group of men gathered in the school parking lot on March 24, 2020, around 4 p.m. and reportedly an argument ensued between rappers when gunfire erupted.

In the chaos, people fell while running away, cars fled from the scene and a wreck happened as two vehicles left.

The police chased one of the vehicles and arrested David Jerel Hamilton, 33, of 3617 Cooper Street, who police think was involved in the shooting incident although he was not charged with the shooting, but they were confident he could provide leads to the shooter.

The entire incident was recorded on a cell-phone which showed men running, holding up sagging pants, and shouting.

Sellers was subsequently arrested in connection with the Lincoln Parking Lot shootout.