Mayo, Schleuter should not protect killer cops in Henderson murder

Monroe Police Chief Ron Schleuter and Monroe Mayor Jamie Mayo should not continue their protective embrace of the Henderson shooters.

Although both the mayor and chief say they are taking tough stands against bad cops neither of them can explain why they are working so hard to embrace and protect the officer who killed William Henderson last year.

It began when both the mayor and the chief refused to reveal the names of the Henderson shooters. Their names were first reported in the Free Press after a copy of the State Police Report mysteriously became available.

The mayor flatly refused to take any actions to lift Schleuter’s shroud of secrecy over the killers.

Then the mayor, with Schleuter standing by his side, announced at a news conference that the officers would be placed on suspension until the legal process was concluded.

Despite the mayor’s words, Schleuter took it upon himself to call the men from their vacation and put them back to work.

Desite the fact that his directive was ignored, Schleuter was not reprimanded, or fired. There was no Mayoian announcement of going in “another direction.”

Instead of pursuing “another direction” the mayor did not even reprimand Schleuter, but continued in the same direction.

When Schleuter called the shooters back to work they had themselves a party on the levee.

They actually broke a few Monroe City laws that they arrest others for breaking. They disturbed the peace, drank from open containers, threatened a citizen with bodily harm, and called him a faggot. Yet they were not even suspended a single day!

Two supervisors brought ice to their law-breaking party. Nothing happened to them either.

Another cop lied on an official report stating that he did not know the identity of the out of control cops. Nothing happened to him either.

When nothing is done by the chief or the mayor, we can’t reach any conclusion except that they, at the very least, tolerate these actions.

The public is being told that the Schleuter is cracking down on bad cops. Really? We can’t measure it.

The Henderson shooters, especially after the “faggot” incident, typify what we don’t need on our force. Because the chief embraces their actions, we don’t need his leadership either.