Mayoral candidates draw crowds over weekend

 Over 900 show up for Friday Ellis event at The Hub; Marie Brown tells ladies, change needed or we go in the same direction as mayoral campaign livens 

Local campaigns are beginning to warm up as candidates for Monroe Mayor and City Council begin making rounds to touch base with the community through planned events and activities.

In the last seven days,  two mayoral candidates hosted events.

Mayoral candidate Friday Ellis hosted a fundraiser Friday night at the Hubb. The Ellis event was attended by over 900 people who donated $10 to support Ellis’ bid for Mayor. He told supporters that Monroe has many bright minds with great ideas waiting to come forth. He said he wants to create an atmosphere where talented young minds will come forth and bring Monroe into its future.

Many African-Americans were in attendance and proudly stood with him in his mayoral bid.

Ellis also met and greeted many members of the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority at its founder’s day Sunday. He was the guest of a member.

Across the city, Community activist, Marie Brown told a ladies group that she wants to be Mayor to help the city’s poor have a better chance.

“If we keep the same mayor, we get the same results,” said Brown.

“Eighteen years ago, we had an airport with no routes to Baton Rouge and New Orleans. Eighteen years later, we have a new airport building thanks to President Obama, but we still can’t fly from Monroe to Baton Rouge or to New Orleans,” said Brown.
She said if we re-elect the same Mayor, we have no hope of changing things.

She made other comparisons. She said 18 years ago; we had high crime, open ditches in the black community, and poor trash collections. She said nothing has changed.

Brown plans a kick-off and fundraiser for Friday night at the Extreme Gymnastics Center on North 18th (Across from Mt. Zion Church).

Candidate Fred Louis said he had no events last week.

Monroe Mayor Jamie Mayo did not respond to a request to include his activities in this report.