Mother upset that son’s killer to only get three years

The mother of Eric Goodwin is in tears. The man who killed her son, Andre Lewis, will learn his fate Friday when he stands before Judge Marcus Hunter for sentencing.

Judy Goodin is depressed, filled with tears, and is reliving the murder of her son all over again, this time with the painful knowledge that the maximum time Lewis will serve will be just over three years.

Last June Lewis was charged with the 2nd-degree murder of Eric Goodin, reportedly Goodin and Lewis were best friends.

When he faced life in prison for murder, Lewis told police several stories including one in which he said Goodin shot and killed himself.

Judy Goodin says when she was told that her son killed himself, she knew something was wrong.

In August, when he learned that the DA’s office would only charge him with negligent homicide, Lewis confessed t…


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