SEDD leaders to meet mayor about proposed sales tax increase

Leaders of the Southside Economic District are set to meet with Monroe Mayor Oliver Ellis this week, to lobby his support for a half-cent sales tax for South Monroe.

The District leaders appeared before the State Bond Commission last week to seek permission to place the tax proposal on the ballot for April 24. However, leaders ran into resistance when Mayor Ellis and Chamber of Commerce President Sue Nicholson also appeared to speak against the tax plan.

Mayor Ellis told the commission that he was unhappy that he had to drive for 3 1/2 hours to discuss a Monroe tax plan before the bond commission that has not been discussed with him.

Mayor Ellis also said he has plans to help Southside without the need of a sales tax. He said sales taxes hurt the poorest residents.

SEDD Board president Marty Campbell, and State Senator Katrina Jackson were among those who urged the…


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