Thank you Lord! Thank you Lord!! Thank you Lord!!! Thank you Lord!!!!

By: Dr. Jacquelyn Simmons


Scripture: Bless the Lord, O my soul: and all that is within me; bless His holy name (Psalm 103:1).

Dear Lord,

Our Triune God-you, your son, Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit, it is with great joy, I’d like to express my thanks to you. Even though it is impossible to find adequate words with which to do so, please accept my trying.

This servant of yours must admit that these latter days of my life have really taken some unusual, sometimes joyful and other times very acute painful turn. But, by your grace and mercy, still classified as “among those residing in your land of the living.”

I, vividly remember some of my elders oft times saying, “it is good to become old, but very inconvenient.” I did not understand that expression during my earlier days, but “fully” comprehend it now. I, sometimes find myself quoting those saying words to some of your younger generations during these turbulent times, but, many of them, as I, do not understand. However…
Even though You have blessed me, by your grace and mercy to live these many years, it has been very difficult to accept the death of loved ones, be they family members, friends, acquaintances or unknowns. But, by your continuous grace and mercy, new generations are being placed in your rooms and loins on a daily basis.

A couple of years ago, you blessed me too return home after an almost one year’s “spent” in hospitals and a nursing facility, also. Some of my caregivers were actually concerned about the cares of others…But, by your grace and mercy, “still here!” Praise! Praise!! Praise your holy name innumerable times!!!

A few months ago, my blessed, preaching, teaching, writing, singing, scripture quoting doctor, Dr. Kelvin Wade, called my attention to my having been on life-support. By your grace and mercy, you allowed me to still be able to watch the grass rather than permitting the grass to watch me. Hallelujah!

A few months before my beloved mother’s demise, she told me, “Tina”, one of my nicknames, enjoy whatever you enjoy now because the time will surely come when they will not be enjoyable to you anymore!

My friends, I could not have imagined the time actually coming when certain things I enjoyed during that time would not appeal to me anymore. But, after your blessed call to join others in your ministries, the few remaining things I did somewhat enjoy, you had already discontinued.

Lord, I also want to thank you for my family and others of your “brave soldiers” who almost need new knee caps to replace those which you soooo graciously gave them while listening as they bowed them pleading, for you to sustain my life. Thank You! Thank you for hearing their prayers.

This child of yours, mostly thank you for you, Jesus Christ, who endured about thirty three years of abiding on this, your sinful earth in order to serve as a substitute for all of our sins and offer those of us who will accept it, eternal life in you.

Thank you, Holy Triune God for just being you and your blessed love and patience with all of us.

Jacquelyn Simmons
P.S. Please bless and guide our country’s leaders.