Why Lord? Why Lord?? Why Lord??? Why Lord???? Part 5

By: Dr. Jacquelyn Simmons

Scripture: 2 Corinthians 1:1-7

My Dear Friends, God has allowed me to continue this series of articles which ask the question, “Why Lord”. Quite a bit of my personal life has been shared with you, already. My last account of this time frame dealt with my refusal to learn how to type. This mistake has haunted me up to my present 88 + years of life.

After my refusal to learn any more than the keyboard, I dropped the typing course and enrolled in study hall. This refusal was considered a method to protect my transcript for college entrance, after my graduation from Manual High School in Denver, Colorado.

During my sophomore year in attendance at Grambling College (University), I enrolled in a typing class. Our instructor, Mr. Riley, after noticing my failure to enroll in his typing class second semester, sent someone to try and persuade me to re-enroll in his class. The messenger stated that he told him to make me aware of his intention to register me as a typing contestant to represent Grambling. Also, he stated the location of the contest. During that time, I did not see my selection to represent the college an honor. However, I took great delight in thinking that I was punishing Mr. Riley because of my receipt of a “B”. So, I responded by saying, “Give whoever you gave “A’s” in the class the opportunity to represent Grambling during the typing contest—I only received a “B”. Therefore, “I will not win, anyway”. Well, my friends, in my state of mind, I had no proof of anyone receiving an “A” in our class. In fact, I did not know of anyone’s grades but mine. I punished myself by not returning to his class which was a decision I have regretted my entire life.

During my tenure as a student at Grambling, and even today, I have had to pay someone or “out of friendship” enlist someone to type whatever is needed to accomplish my tasks. You see, the old adage is true, “What you do not use, you lose”, fits me perfectly.

Several typing instructors during my tenure as an instructor at Carroll and later at Wossman High School, including my dear friend Mrs. Earlene Bryant, put forth great efforts to persuade me to try to type again. Mrs. Bryant tried many persuasions: 1) before school; 2) after school; 3) lunch hours; 4) preparation periods; 5) night and summer sessions, etc., but to no avail. One day, I noticed my great-niece, Lexi, swiftly typing something. I inquired of her as to where she learned to type so well. Her answer was to my embarrassment, “At your house”. She reminded me of the purchase of a computer accompanied by instruction tapes for my great-grandson many years ago. I literally forced both of them to learn how to use it, but did not use the opportunity for myself. I would not let them go to bed until the wee morning hours. I hurriedly changed the subject hoping that she would not notice why. She did!!!

Here’s praying my friends, especially my much younger ones that you will take advantage of your God-given opportunities to learn as many skills as possible. You do not know what blessings God has prepared for you up the road. Be prepared!!!


Jacquelyn Simmons

P.S. Don’t forget to pray for our enemies.