Woman arrested for making fake refund checks

Mauqilla C. Thomas was arrested for allegedly making fake refund checks.

According to the police report an officer was dispatched to 111 Crosley Street, Unitech Training Academy October 9, 2018. Dispatch advised a former student made fake refund checks. The officer made contact with the complainant who stated Mauqilla Thomas was a former student, and her last day of school there was sometime in June 2018.

The complainant stated there were two checks that didn’t match the checks that Unitech uses for the refund checks which were processed by Thomas in August 2018. Unitech’s refund checks are printed throughout with their logo. The check the officer observed was handwritten and typed in different font.

The complainant confirmed the checks they issue students have been the same for several months. The officer observed one check for the amount of $727.08 and another for $749.63 with Thomas’ name and signature on it.

The officer made contact with Thomas via telephone to come to WMPD for questioning.