“Y’all stay here where y’all belong!!!” Part 7

By: Dr. Jacquelyn Simmons

My Friends,

Many of us knew the late Mr. Henry Carroll, the first principal of Carroll High School, for whom it is “rightly” named. We also know he was a very intelligent, caring and bold, sometimes angry man, especially when he became “stirred up” due to what he and innumerable others in our African American communities perceived as gross injustices deliberately “leveled” against our people. Some of his former students “still” lovingly referred to him as “boss.” Yes, he was “bossy” when he felt he was right (Smile).

It would be indescribable blessings for our students today if they would be allowed to listen to some of his “common sense school auditorium chats.” During my earlier years, I found it difficult to appreciate them; however, after my becoming older, I have begun to appreciate their “worth.” I wonder who is speaking with “common sense” messages to our children today? Could it be parents, churches, cell phones, tablets, classroom teachers, television, games, social media, movies, friends, etc.? From what I’m gathering, somebody is very “slack” toward their God-given duties. Some “old guard” (retired substitute teachers) are very distressed over the “sad” performances of many present administrators and teachers of our children today and the non-home training by their parents, also. Some classrooms appear to be likened to “jungles” whereas everybody does as he/she pleases and “constructive” learning’s are on the “back-burner” or do not exist!!!!!

Some teachers are first-year instructors whose goal is to gain teaching experiences in order to note “experienced” on their resumes’ and hopefully, next term, “move on” to a more desirable school or preferably school system. It seems that some parents of today, uphold their children’s misbehaviors and at the “drop of a hat” want to engage teachers and administrators in a “boxing match” when the misbehaviors of their children are reported to them. They most often “side” with their children’s account of their “antics.”

In our days, teachers, principals, administrators and preachers lived in the same neighborhoods as their students. They taught them as pastors, Sunday school teachers, fostered Christ-centered Easter and Christmas programs, neighborhood basketball, baseball, and other wholesome activities. But now, when their school days come to an end, they hurriedly climb into their vehicle and swiftly exit the place to reluctantly in many instances, return the next day while desperately looking forward to holiday “breaks” and other legal means of not reporting to their duties at the schools.

My friends, also, during our “days,” elders in our neighborhoods, homes, and churches, were allowed to chastise us and if our parents “found out,” we were double chastised. But now, some parents think it is “cute” when their children misbehave. But their children’s future…

Footnote: My friends, why are our children “forced” to list their race on standardized test?