Jasmyne’s doing it all, law, business, real-estate, wife and mom

By Richardra Winder-Robinson
Free Press Reporter

It is not unusual to find college students nodding off in class while the professor is lecturing. In the fall of 2006, if anyone entered Strauss Hall on the campus of ULM, you would likely see a particular young student fast asleep in a psychology class.

For young Jasmyne McConnell, she could not see herself being bored to death for the next four years of college. McConnell always wanted to help people, and majoring in psychology seemed to be the perfect choice.

Went to Law School

However, she was not feeling her current major. McConnell called her mom for some much-needed guidance. In her mother’s words, “You like to argue, why don’t you become a lawyer.”

She followed her mother’s advice and changed her major to political science. Little did McConnell know; this move would open doors to a promising future.

McConnell did not always aspire to attend ULM. She wanted to go to an HBCU, but her mother encouraged her to live near family and attend ULM. Also, she was offered…

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