Man arrested after kids call 911; he punched mom after bedroom quarrel

When two children saw a man punch and slap their mother during an argument, they called 911. The call resulted in the arrest of their dad.

Wednesday, May 20th, Ouachita Parish Sheriff deputies arrested Shuron Amons, of 1805 Juliana Street in Richwood, on charges domestic abuse by battery, child endangerment, and false imprisonment.

According to the official report, Amons was arrested after he and the victim had an argument that began in the bedroom of their Juliana Street residence. The victim told deputies the verbal altercation escalated when Amons slapped and punched her in the face with a closed fist.

She reported Amons asked her questions, but when he did not get the answers he expected she was punched again.

The victim told deputies that she attempted to leave, but Amons blocked the door. When she slipped past him, she said Amons took her car key. She said she retrieved another key and slipped past him, but Amons took that key and sat on her legs inside the vehicle so she could not leave.

Deputies noticed that both Amons and the victim had injuries consistent with the victim’s claims.

Domestic abuse and child endangerment are felonies that could result in a prison sentence if charges are proven guilty in court.