“We’re playing with people’s lives” says Johnson, school reopening plan

  •    Board President says plan is most effective, but not the safest.
  •    Superintendent says district won’t test or pay for teacher tests.
  •    Johnson says school district is putting lives of teachers at risk.

Is the Monroe City Schools ready to reopen? The superintendent and most board members think so, but one board member says the system is not ready and he will not send his children back into a city classroom until it’s safe.

Tuesday night school Board President, Betty Ward Cooper said the school district has only two options, attend face-to-face classes or use virtual classes. She said virtual classes are the safest way to instruct students but it is not the most effective way. She said the face-to-face classes are the most effective but they are not the safest.

In the end, the entire board, with the exception of Johnson, is backing the method proposed by the superintendent that is considered effective but unsafe.

School Superintendent Dr. Brent Vidrine says the district will use a combination of face-to-face classes with an option for parents to have all virtual classes if they choose. He said over 2,500 students have already opted for the total virtual instruction.

      However, Board member Brandon Johnson raised a laundry list of questions to which Vidrine had no answers or unsatisfactory answers, leading Johnson to s…

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