Woods confronts illegal dumpers who said, “F–k that B—h”

All over Monroe, some residents are dumping refuse in obscure locations, creating an eyesore that is becoming a problem.

Wednesday, Monroe City Council Chairlady, Juanita Woods taped an episode for the city’s public access station and appealed to residents of her district to help resolve the district’s growing illegal dumping problem. She called for neighborhood pride and for residents to follow the city’s trash collection rules.

However, as Woods made her broadcast she noticed a truck and trailer pass her location loaded with branches, limbs, and debris.

Woods decided to follow the truck and was surprised when she saw the truck pull up to an area near Bethel Baptist Church that is being used by some as a dumping site.

Woods inquired about whether the driver intended to dump the debris on the pile, but was told that they were looking for scrap metal. A passenger who was helping to unload the trailer yelled, “F–k that b—h, who does she think she is?”

Woods was wearing a city council shirt and looked official. They closed the trailer and drove off, but Woods called the police to report the incident.

Minutes later she saw another example with her own eyes and realized the depth of the problem.

Illegal dumping is becoming a problem across the city and is straining the city’s resources.

By ordinance, residents are allowed to place limbs on the curb that are no longer than four-feet long. In addition, other refuse such as leaves must be bagged. The city is not responsible for picking up sofas, mattresses, toilets and other household items.

Apparently, some residents put their debris on trailers and dump them in areas that appear to be uninhabited or neglected and drive away undetected.

It’s a growing problem that has been made worse since the Parish landfill began charging residents to dump debris. To avoid fees, many are dumping on city streets, even where “no dumping” signs are posted.